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Leveraging Your Power as an OEM or Distributor to Enhance Contractor Programs

June 11, 2021

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Written by Guillaume Payen

It's no secret that the home services industry experience is disjointed. Consumers aren't experiencing the customer service they'd like, and contractors aren't running their businesses the way they'd like. The result? Nobody's particularly happy.

So, what's going wrong?

The Problem

This problem begs for a timely solution. Recent events are putting extra pressure on the industry, requiring contractors to step up their game. The COVID-19-inspired downturn has created a pent-up need for services, causing a surge in demand. At the same time, the housing stock from the residential construction boom of the early 2000s is aging, leading to more demand specifically for replacement services on older systems.

Contractor Side

It starts with the pressures put on the contractors. Due to their job's complexity, they're stuck performing a juggling act between supply chain management, job and route optimization, and technician training. This perpetual tour de force is happening on top of regular day-to-day planning.

Consumer Side

On the flip side, consumers are feeling uneducated and unsupported. They require efficient communication, served up in the most convenient way possible. The problem is, while contractors are juggling their jobs, their customers are a bit neglected.

So, there's a dual dilemma: a client base that requires superb customer experience and contractors with too many balls in the air.

The Solution

Manufacturers and OEMs have the opportunity to add value for contractors by providing solutions at the nexus of these two dilemmas.

This challenge means going beyond just creating great products; you need to build and maintain strong relationships with contractors and help make their lives easier. You need to provide trust, loyalty, and cutting-edge offerings to improve your clients' customer experience. Here's where to begin:

  1. Products

OEMs and distributors can provide software and services to help scale their clients' business, all while keeping overhead low. They can grant access to software and services at negotiated rates by leveraging partnerships with software and technology companies.

  1. Programs

OEMs and distributors can leverage their access to technology to provide highly qualified leads directly from websites. That way, contractors will be able to engage with leads simply with the tap of a button.

  1. Training

OEMs and distributors can give their clients access to webinars, events, and training programs, which will allow those contractors to learn from experts and their industry peers.

Together, these three categories of offerings will do one crucial thing: take some of those balls out of the contractors' hands, so they can better manage their juggling act. That way, you'll be adding value to the contractor by letting them do their job the way they'd like and providing a stellar experience for their customers.

The Next Steps

Ready to get started with these solutions for your business? By leveraging the Schedule Engine suite of solutions, you can access all the offerings listed above. This solution will do three key things to enhance your contractor programs:

  • allow you to meet client and customer expectations with convenient service

  • serve up highly qualified and high revenue jobs to your contractor network

  • make it easy for your service providers to access the best technology in the industry

Reach out to learn how Schedule Engine can transform your contractor programs.

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