Toolshed Dollar Deck Exercise: Understanding the Value of Your Price Tag


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Toolshed Dollar Deck Exercise: Understanding the Value of Your Price Tag

December 01, 2021

What's Toolshed?

Toolshed is about building community, camaraderie, and support for field techs. It's about equipping them with the tools they need to grow and improve their performance to benefit our industry and its customers. Streaming on Facebook in the collaborative and supportive Toolshed Facebook Group and on YouTube, industry veterans Eddie McFarlane and Jerry Rollins share loads of performance-driving tips and tools from the field, along with a pile of war stories.

Check out Season 2 Episode 6: Counting Pennies for a training session on understanding why your prices are the way they are and give you the full comprehension you need to communicate the value of your services to customers.

Toolshed Season 2 Episode 6: Counting Pennies

Why does your business charge what they charge? Are some expenses more important than others? What comes first, the chicken or the egg?! Questions you may be asking on the daily are finally answered in this episode of Toolshed. Check out the episode for a breakdown on service pricing plus a guiding voice to the Dollar Deck exercise!