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Schedule Engine August 2022 Release Notes

August 31, 2022

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In a quest to further simplify the lives of contractors and exceed their customer's expectations, we are happy to share the latest updates we have made to the Schedule Engine platform.

In August 2022, Schedule Engine enhanced many features of the Schedule Engine online scheduler and the Schedule Engine Dashboard.

Online Scheduler

  • New Icon View: As an added customization option, trades are now available as clickable icons on the first page of the scheduler instead of the category dropdown.

  • Required Email: Email address can now be configured as a required field on the confirmation page for a customer to complete their booking.

Schedule Engine Dashboard

  • Chats and Calls "Reviewed" column + Filters: A new "reviewed" toggle will allow you to manually review live services interactions and filter appointments by additional topics, resolutions, and chat vs. voice.

  • "Leads" enhancements: Leads can now be exported in .csv or .xlsx formats.

  • Advanced Scheduling: Resolved issue where selecting a trade for buffers or blockers did not "lock in" all service codes under that trade.

  • Tech Management: Updated sort order of columns and added "impact capacity" toggle, along with associated trades/service zones for technicians.

  • Enhanced View in "Appointments": Much like "Chats and Calls", the appointment details view has been updated to a new pop-in design and includes additional details about appointments.

  • Notifications: For our clients using "SE Notify" for customer appointment reminders, the Notifications page now displays all appointments, even if they did not have any notifications. These appointments appear with a "Not Sent" status.

  • Miscellaneous updates across the Dashboard, including: all tables on all pages are now interactive, various bug fixes, and QOL enhancements.

  • Canadian Postal Code Support: Canadian clients will now be able to use our Emergency Escalation services with easy postal code management.

  • Contact Information: When uploading new escalation contacts, we will now carry over their emails and phone numbers from the dashboard's Users section to reduce the need for replicating information between sections of the dashboard.

  • Block Shift: Schedule Engine clients will now be able to prevent escalations for shifts on selected days if they need to temporarily turn off escalations for any reason. This also reduces the need for multiple schedules separating weekends from weekday shifts.

  • Delete Shifts: If a shift is added incorrectly or requires major updates, clients can now delete the shift within a schedule without needing to delete the entire schedule.

  • Clear Contacts: The addition of a "clear contacts" button will allow clients to quickly and easily remove all contacts on a shift for a selected day with the click of a button.

  • Improved UI: Improvements to the visuals and language within the escalation dashboard have made editing shifts and working within the escalation dashboard easier.

If you have questions about the dashboard, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support at

In addition to the enhancements launched in August, we've released new improvements in efforts to continuously increase call stability and quality. Plus our team is always adding new articles and updates to the Help Center to answer questions and optimize your Schedule Engine experience. Check out what's new at

At Schedule Engine, we are constantly striving to deliver enhanced solutions for our clients. If you have any feedback on how we can better enhance our products and services to suit your experience, please share them with us.

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